by Rudis


Meticulously designed for durability and comfort, this classic style mid-weight fleece was created to be a go-to choice on and off the mat.


Key Features:

Grippy Rubber Outsole

Made to drive from any position, the one-piece rubber outsole provides complete mat contact with additional rubber wrapping up both sides of the forefoot and around the heel – helping you drive from positions you may find yourself in but don’t commonly think about. The multi-directional texture creates increased traction for reliable grip when changing levels or blasting doubles.

Supreme Mat Feel

By designing around the foot’s natural shape, the whole body benefits. A spacious forefoot allows the toes to relax and splay, improving overall balance and strength. A zero-drop heel provides a more natural forefoot strike creating a ‘close to the mat’ feel for ultimate control, putting you in the best positions to attack or react.

“I’ve always liked to have a relatively flat shoe, where I could feel the bulk of my toes on the ground so I could get maximum explosiveness when I’m pushing off for my takedowns.” – Jordan Burroughs

Comfortable & Supportive

The asymmetrical construction of the upper is designed with both *breathable air mesh on the outer foot and *synthetic suede on the inner foot.

*Breathable air mesh promotes quick drying after a long sweaty practice and provides a snug, sock-like fit. 

*Synthetic suede is a strong, malleable material that provides durability and support. 

Ergonomic Tongue

The innovative tongue of the JB1 features a narrow and unique design, specifically crafted to eliminate any bunching around the throat, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Technical Specs:

  • Air Mesh & Synthetic Upper
  • One-Piece Rubber Outsole
  • Oval Shoe Lace
  • Last Built off of JB’s specifications, flat heel with a wider forefoot

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