GUARD Kimonos Rashguard Longsleeve MASK

by Guard Kimonos

GUARD Longsleeve Mask Rashguard

Heart of a Samurai?
Men-yoroi were facial armour which covered all or part of the face and provided a way to secure the top-heavy kabuto (helmet). Men-yoroi are similar to masks worn by armored cavalry and infantry in ancient Chinese armies from the Han Dynasty to the Song Dynasty.   Start your dynasty of devastation on the mats with this MASK wraparound designed longsleeve rashguard.

Made with only the finest lycra material to withstand the rigors of BJJ while keeping you in comfort start to finish. 

Go ahead an compete your heart out.      #InGuardWeTrust


  • 80% polyester 20% spandex
  • material is 4 way stretch that is breathable with sweat wicking properties
  • lightweight
  • re-inforced stitching throughout. 

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