Damage Control Next Series Lip Guard HITMAN

by Damage Control
  • Helmet Strap Included
  • Protects the Interior and Exterior of the Mouth
  • Allows Airflow While Clenching
  • No Boiling Required
  • Great Option for Braces
  • Style for your Smile
  • Fits ages 7 and up

Our pacifier mouthpiece protects not only your teeth and jaw, but also your lips while you’re taking hits out on the field. After all, isn’t victory so much sweeter when your mouth is still intact?

Pacifier Mouthguards are Perfect for Football Players

All our pacifier mouthpieces come with a helmet strap and are built with an air hole that allows for oxygen flow, even when you’re clenching down. If properly cared for, your custom football mouthpiece will last you for years to come. That’s why professional athletes shop with Damage Control to prepare for impact. We offer the most protective, built-to-last products on the market.


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