DAMAGE CONTROL newest lip guards are here at Takedown

DAMAGE CONTROL newest lip guards are here at Takedown

We are pleased to announce we have added to our Damage Control Mouthguard offering with their new Next Series Lip Guards

Pacifier Mouthguards are Perfect for Football Players

All our pacifier mouthpieces come with a helmet strap and are built with an air hole that allows for oxygen flow, even when you’re clenching down. If properly cared for, your custom football mouthpiece will last you for years to come. That’s why professional athletes shop with Damage Control to prepare for impact. We offer the most protective, built-to-last products on the market.

Make your mouthguard your own at checkout by choosing one of our original designs, adding text, or uploading your own design. No boiling is required for your lip guard mouthguard. Just pop it in and you’re ready for action. Order yours today!

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