2020 Had to Go.

2020 Had to Go.

Hello everyone:

It's Mike Marchand the owner and operator of Takedown Distribution. I would like to Thank everyone who patronized Takedown in 2020 with your requests and orders. It's been a very trying year with the open -closed periods we have had to endure.  We hope that everyone is playing it safe out there and doing their part to insure that the pandemic whittles itself out of commission.   Maybe, just maybe we can all get back to what we love doing and get back on the mats.   I believe 2021 will be another tough year as most of the wrestling, grappling and jiu-jitsu events have been cancelled. All we can do is hope that the vaccinations get distributed and  the numbers decline enough for the powers of government to declare it safe in moving towards the direction of returning to the mats.  

     We had some wrestling clubs step up to assist us through the year with team stores and singlet orders and for that we are very grateful.  

    Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow for all.   Let's Go, Bring on 2021 !

Best Regards

Mike Marchand

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