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Virus International Duffle Bag

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Virus International AU17 Zip Jacket


Written by Mike Marchand — February 12, 2017

News From Daniel Chernetski Coast Wrestling

News from Daniel Chernetski -Coast Wrestling - Takedown sponsored highschool wrestler.        Over the weekend Daniel was victorious with his win of the War On the Floor tournament BC. Daniel now qualifies to wrestle in a tournament called the Gut Check Challenge in Silverdale Washington USA .
It's a dual meet against Japan and United States, January 7th to the 10th Congrats Daniel, sounds like a nice but challenging upcoming trip to Silverdale.

Written by Mike Marchand — December 18, 2016

Takedown's First Annual HighSchool Sponsorship Recipient


Takedown has started up a Sponsorship Program for Highschool Athletes.

We have gathered our resources and friends to participate in this annual sponsorship

This year's boy's recipient is daniel Chernetski from Coast Wrestling Club

Daneil  is a 58 kg Cadet Canadian Champion who placed 5th in last years Pan Am Games.

    We selected Daniel this year for the boys segment and we are looking for a Female wrestler recipient of highschool age to receive the First Annual Takedown and friends sponsorship package for Girls.

Think you've got what it takes? Send in your highschool and wrestling club credentials or have your coach do so and we'll select someone for January 2017  

Your parents must be involved as we contact them to approve the sponsorship Deadline to apply is Dec.31 2016

Written by Mike Marchand — December 11, 2016

Takedown joins forces with Lets Wrestle Apparel. Best Deals on Team Wrestling Gear.

Takedown Distribution a leader in providing wrestling gear in Canada just joined forces with Lets Wrestle Apparel to bring you more custom gear to our offerings. You can now contact Takedown for Team custom shirts - shorts- hoodies - pants- tights - singlets- mats.

Contact either Mike@takedowndistribution.com  or farhan@letswrestle.ca and let us work you out the best options for custom team gear that best represents your team.  

Written by Mike Marchand — October 30, 2016

Wrestling Season 2016-17 with Takedown


Your Wrestling Connection in Canada

Wrestling Season 2016-17


We offer Team discounts from you favourite leading wrestling shoe manufacturers Adidas and Asics.  Contact us for details on this great offer. Takedown is one of the leaders in wrestling gear in Canada.                                       YES I WANT SHOES



Have a website for your wrestling team? Would you like to gain some needed funds for your club?  Place a Takedown ad on your site and you will receive an affiliate link from us tracking every sale made on our site gaining funds for your club.  Contact us for more information.  YES I WANT TO MAKE MONEY FOR MY CLUB



We now have our own brand of custom singlets and shorts. Why not let us design you a singlet the properly represents your club. Add a pair of custom shorts, tees and hoodies and you have a powerful uniform to bring to the tournaments. Sizes in Youth? = YES. Singlets in Women's Cuts ?= Yes   Adult Singlets in XS to 3XL ?= Yes

Low minimums and all Canadian = No Border Hassles, No Customs Duties.                 We have samples available for Sizing in all sizes.  Size Chart Available.                           Contact us for Singlets  YES I WANT SINGLETS 



  We are the sole Canadian sales agent for McBryde Wrestling Mats.  Does your club need some new Mats?  Come to us for competitvely priced, quality assured, impact tested mats.       Save on price -not quality.  Contact us for a door to door quote.


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon
Have a great wrestling season






Written by Mike Marchand — October 17, 2016

ERICA WIEBE - My Life Past Rio

With Permission and written by Erica Wiebe

2016 Olympic Champion...there's no way to plan for this


My Olympic Journey and What's Next

It's been almost one month since I stepped on the mats in Rio de Janeiro on August 18th and to be honest, I have never felt that way before. I had so much joy walking into the wrestling venue that morning and I was ready to give it my all. In the lead up to the Games, I spent a lot of time visualizing how I wanted to feel that day and I was very intentional about how I wanted it to embrace the pressure of the Olympic Games and let my passion and tenacity shine through each moment.

It has been 9 years since I moved to Calgary and really started pursuing this big, audacious goal and I wanted Aug 18th to be a celebration of the years I have spent pouring my heart into this pursuit.
I took each match one take down at a time. and you may  have noticed, I was so in the moment, once the match ended my emotions slowly shifted from disbelief into the slow realization that I had just won the Olympic Games. 
And let me tell you, it has not truly sunk in yet. 

To be honest, I haven't really had a more than a few brief, fleeting moments to reflect on it. I am writing you this newsletter from Toronto, ON where I am here for a couple different events. In the last month, I have been to Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and now Toronto doing media, golf tournaments, keynotes speeches, and saying a lot of thank-you's to the people that helped me get to where I am today.
It's back to Calgary on Saturday and then some more travels in the months to come! 

Things are really exciting now in ways I could never imagine. I have already gotten back in the gym and so I am fitting in my off-mat workouts around the country in various hotel rooms and planning to return to the mats in mid-October. 

In the athlete world, our lives are dictated by four year cycles. Inevitably, everyone asks the question, do you have another 4 years in you. And albeit, this journey to arrive in Rio was a tumultuous one, I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
I'm excited about all the opportunities that are coming up for me but I am most excited to get back to doing what I love; wrestling.


Sportsnet Feature
Arash Madani, from Sportsnet, did this really cool feature on me PRIOR to competing. I think it showcases well my confidence, character, and headspace going into the Olympic competition. 
You can watch it HERE


I met up with Toronto Star reporter, Kerry Gillespie and she summed up my current state of affairs quite well. Check out the article



Written by Mike Marchand — September 19, 2016

BADBOY comes to Takedown Distribution

We are pleased to now offer Bad Boy products.

 Bad Boy is a leading provider of combat and action sports clothing and gear. Seen on Chris Weidman, Alex Gustafsson, DeMarco Murray, and Ezra Sitt 

We will be adding to the Bad Boy product line on a continuous basis so please check back with us frequently.


Written by Mike Marchand — July 08, 2016

Takedown Distribution adds Ceuticore Supplements

Takedown is pleased to announce we just added a full compliment of Ceuticore products to our ever growing products offering.  Now you can take advantage of our lowest priced supplements online or in store purchase. Looking for Ceuticore's Force Pre-Performance preworkout, Myostane performance enhancer, BRN Thermogenic Agent or Re-Fuel recovery and endurance aminos.  You can get them all right here at Takedown Distribution. 

Written by Mike Marchand — June 30, 2016

Erica Wiebe Part 6 Road to Rio

With Permission from Erica Wiebe

Trips , Training Camps & Competitions Oh My!

Competition & Training has begun to ramp up!

Competition & Training has begun to ramp up!

Last time, I checked in, I was heading out to Hawaii and now I'm in Sweden... Sorry! It's hard to keep up with myself sometimes! 

Hawaii was a perfect training camp. We brought in 5 of the Olympic team members and training partners and the best coaches in Canada and had a week of intensive training on and off the mats! I love training camps because you get away from everyday life and become completely succumbed into training mode! Oh, and it's not so bad being in such a beautiful place with some of my best friends too!

We were back for a week and then off to Germany to compete at the German Grand Prix. It is always a tough tournament but I always seem to perform well and this weekend I came out on top winning the finals 5-1 against one of the top ranked girls in the world from Belarus.We will see each other in Rio!

Next stop, we traveled from Germany to Klippan, Sweden for a week training camp with the Swedish Olympic Team. They have a great training centre here and the practices have been phenomenal. 

Until now, the Road to Rio has involved a lot of training in Calgary and it feels good to get my hands on some international opponents. I thoroughly enjoy the process of training and pushing myself in the everyday grind but last Monday as we prepared to leave for our competition, I was reminded of how much I like to compete. I could feel myself vibrating with anticipation and excitement. 

Soon it will be back to Canada and the grind! My next competition is June 25th at the Canada Cup in Guelph.

Only 80 days left until the big show...

  Check out me and Jasmine Mian's (48KG) CBC Olympics Video titled, "Beautiful Bodies"https://youtu.be/dF-pjxUzl8w


Ottawa Olympic Send Off & Fundraiser
June 9th at NeXt
Check out my website for more infomation
Ever wondered what my best fear is..
. Check out this cool (slightly embarassing) profile with Team Canada 
So THANKFUL for all the supporters, friends, sponsors who allow me to stay sane and live my dream.
Couldn't do this without my number one sponsor, KPMG. Thank you John and the crew!

Written by Mike Marchand — May 19, 2016

Erica Wiebe Part 5 Road to Rio

HBC Olympic Kit Launch in Toronto

April 12th, 2016 Can you spot me?

The Road to Rio is a long journey and has taken me places I would never expect!

Regardless of where in the world I find myself...

I'm committed to getting better 1% better everyday.

A Whirlwind Month

Since returning from the Pan Am Qualifiers in Frisco, Texas and securing my Olympic qualification, the remainder of March and April flew by as I enjoyed a little bit of a down phase in training before we ramp up in the months to come. We are still training consistently but are in more of an energy system prep phase in our off-mat training and on the mats are focusing on technical acquisition. 
I spent the last week of March in Montreal to train with fellow Olympic teammate, Dori Yeats (69kg) and her coach Moldovan Olympian, Ivan Diaconu. Ivan is a technical whizz and we worked through a lot of funky positions. We had a great time training at Tristar MMA, home to MMA legendary coach Firas Zahabi. It was a much different training environment than what I'm used to but this sport requires you to be comfortable being uncomfortable sometimes. 
The second week of April, I was in Toronto for the HBC Olympic Kit Launch. I was honoured to be selected as one of 10 athletes and 5 para-athletes to rock the new Hudson's Bay Olympic wear. We had a full day of preparations with hair and makeup with a fashion team that coordinated the show. Let me tell you one thing, wrestling is much easier than walking the catwalk!!! It was a lot of fun but I enjoyed  hanging out with my fellow athletes most of all, hearing their stories and learning about their Olympic journeys. 

Yesterday, I wrote the final exam of my second degree! For a long time, I continued my academic studies because it was an integral aspect of maintaining balance in my life outside of sport. I'm still working part-time in my role as a Research Assistant with Dr. Ariel Ducey in the very complex area of the moral economies of pelvic organ prolapse interventions (seriously interesting and important stuff). 

On Sunday, we head to Hawaii for a Canadian Olympic Team training camp. Tough life, I know! All six Olympic bound women and a select group of training partners will set up camp in Oahu for a week of torture! I will send you an update on the tail end of that! 
Till next time, yours in wrestling, 
Erica Wiebe


Signing Autographs at Cadet/Juvie Nationals

Interview with U of C Alumni Association


Written by Mike Marchand — April 23, 2016