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Virus ECo15 SC211917 Women's Stay Cool Full Length Compression Pants Cool Jade Black/Pink

Virus International Women's Stay Cool Full Length Compression Pants Cool Jade (ECo15) Black/Pink

Quick Overview

Women’s full-length compression pants have been engineered for and best used in heavy training or during top performance. Developed with a technically advanced compression pattern that focuses compression on entire leg back to core. Offers good knee protection from the elements and full leg compression.  Heavy-duty construction and bio-mechanical patterning keep you going longer and back quicker. Sleek high band waist pattern add for comfort and versatility. New design features a mouse pocket at the top of the waistband for keeping stashing essentials.
Enhanced with Cool Jade fabric that has been engineered for staying cool, dry and comfortable. Infused through nanotechnology with recycled Jade to create a natural cooling effect. The ultra-wicking fabric construction combined with our Cool Jade infused yarn decreases your skin surface temperature up to 10℉ - keeping you comfortable, dry, and cool.