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RDX Gloves Boxing Semi Contact Red

Latest in Advanced Tech and perfect for Muay-Thai, Boxing or even Taekwondo! RDX® Ultra Semi Contact Gloves are made of ultra-pliable Kevlar leather & dense multi-layer gel integrated padding throughout glove, ensuring efficient shock absorption and durability. Lightweight in build, ergonomic curvature provides more surface for striking and blocking with Cool-max liners to wick away moisture keeping your hands cool, ventilated and dry. High absorbent foam made from high resistance gel integrated polyurethane and double stitching. As an added protection, these Gloves are injected with an anti-mold treatment. Thermo-Set Dual Velcro Closure design provides perfect snug-fit adjustability for wrist-support. Super dense impact resistant multi-layer gel integrated Padding over the hand Thermo Set Dual Velcro Closure offers wrist support that prevents injury from bad punching technique Ultra Semi Contact Gloves made with ultra-pliable Kevlar leather Moisture wicking in-lining wicks sweat away from the hands for a comfortable, dry feeling S.P.P™ special placed perforations enable ventilation and better moisture management