RDX Belt Pro Neoprene Lower Back Support Belt (CLEARANCE)

by RDX Sports

RDX Belt Pro Neoprene Lower Back Support Belt (CLEARANCE)

RDX lumbar lower back is an ergonomically shaped anchor system belt to provide support to lower back. Made with NEO-1™ based Cl-C™ padding and six CF-F™ stays, the belt helps in improving your body posture. The advanced belt incorporates RDX P-Fit™ System and has two flexible steel spinal cord sprints to prevent slouched position.

  • Ergonomically shaped anchor system belt for perfect back support
  • Neoprene based NEO-1™ incorporated Cl-C™ padding for perfect backing
  • Six CF-F™ stays to improve your body posture and movement restriction
  • Two Flexible steel spinal cord springs to prevent slouched positon
  • With RDX P-Fit™ System the belt is ideal for lower back pain, PIVD, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction, Degenerative Disc Disease and Facet Syndrome

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