RDX Gloves Weightlifting Leather WGL-S15

by RDX Sports

Combining authentic  leather with 4-way breathable fabric and a suede leather grip palm means only one thing – an unbreakable, long-lasting and gym enhancing pair of Patent Pending weight lifting gloves that is soon to become a staple in your gym gear. Introducing RDX’s latest pair of gym gloves for powerlifters, deadlifting and squatting. 4-way stretch fabric allows moisture to escape while bringing cool air to the hands, allowing the most comfort during intense exercises. If you enjoy the great outdoors and activities like cycling, rowing, monkey bars, climbing, or maxing out a workout session in the gym by powerlifting, deadlifting, hitting the kettlebells or using the dipping station; these all-purpose sports and fitness gloves are designed to increase output and efficiency by the rep. The stretchable Lycra webbing in between the fingers promises full hand-mobility so that you can dominate the rod, weight, or bar of your choice without incurring callouses or bacteria from unhygienic gyms. Leather made Quick-EZ strap hooks conveniently to the elasticated wrist base for easy on/off application while providing a minimal degree of wrist-support.
Small & Medium Sizes Recommended For Up to 14 Years Of Age



  • Authentic leather promises long-life and unrivaled durability
  • RDX Patent Pending weight lifting gloves 4-way breathable fabric ventilates moisture while trapping cool air in exchange for max comfort
  • Suede grip helps you beat bad hygiene and callouses while lifting more, and lifting heavier
  • Quick-EZ straps conveniently hook to elasticated wrist base for easy on/off and minimal wrist-support
  • Lycra stretch fabric provides fluid hand-mobility while the leather pull-compartments assist with taking the gloves off with ease

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