RDX Gloves Weightlifting WGL-L7R

by RDX Sports

The RDX technical designed and engineered four-directional Atomic Weight Gloves Using Porelle membrane technology with Pressure point padding has all the features you need for a safe and comfortable workout.
The quality of the product has made it the choice of professionals and that is the reason we are supplying these to world class health clubs, gyms and eBay users.

Membrane technology:- This gel membrane technology provides cushion by absorbing mechanical impact that may happen during intense activities. It covers the entire palm area which makes it comfortable and easy to use. This feature is very beneficial in lifting weights because it lessens the discomfort that exertion may bring. Without this feature, the user who is lifting heavy weights will truly feel the discomfort because of the weight that came with the equipment. It will increase the pressure that is felt on the palm area which makes lifting harder.
Wrist Stabilizer:- this feature ensures the proper positioning of the gloves even under pressure just like when you lift heavy weights. Wrist wrap stabilizes the wrist joint with adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in the proper position while training. Ordinary gloves have the tendency to move or to be displaced while lifting some weights, which is dangerous and uncomfortable because it may affect how the pressure is being distributed when lifting.

  • PMT:- The Porelle membrane technology makes the glove bind with your hands, and it gives you more control of the apparatus that you’re lifting. It stabilizes the equipment and spreads the pressure evenly to the entire palm area, and makes lifting easier and less “shaky”.
  • Directional Palm:- This feature from RDX gloves integrates three benefits into one, support, cushion and flexibility. Because of this, you will feel like the gloves were tailored made to fit your hands. And you will feel total comfort and security when wearing the gloves.
  • Sweat Free:-sweat is one of the factors that can be annoying when lifting weights. It prevents you from total control of the equipment. This is because your hand has the tendency to slip due to the moisture that was bought by the sweat. The no sweat feature that this gloves is offering “wicks” the sweat away from your palm area and provides you with the ability for strong grip. This makes lifting easier and more stable.

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