RDX Gloves Weightlifting Training WGL-S12

by RDX Sports

hese authentic leather Patent Pending weight lifting gloves with 4-way breathable technology are the best gloves you are ever going to get. Their Lycra webbing means breathability for your hands and the Amara fabric adds to the stretching ability of your fingers. If you enjoy the great outdoors and activities like cycling, rowing, monkey bars, climbing, or maxing out a workout session in the gym by powerlifting, deadlifting, hitting the kettlebells or using the dipping station; these all-purpose sports and fitness gloves are designed to increase output and efficiency by the rep. These RDX gloves will become a must for your workout as they are comfortable from the inside and hygienic as well. You will love the convenience post-work-out with the Neoprene hook for Quick-EZ strap ensuring excellent grip while working out and easy taking off after your regime. 
Small & Medium Sizes Recommended For Up to 14 Years Of Age


  • RDX Patent Pending Weight lifting gloves Cleverly designed long-lasting, washable and hygienic authentic Leather
  • Finger webbing is stitched using stretchable and breathable Lycra
  • The thumb is half and half 4-way breathable stretch fabric and Amara fabric on the palm. Thumb also has cleverly placed grip
  • Inner is made from 4-way stretch fabric to allow breathability while the grip is made from Suede leather, backed by 3mm of EVA foam for added comfort
  • Wrist area is made using neoprene hook for Quick-EZ strap, fitted with laminated dazzle foam for cushioning and PU piping running up blade of hand

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