RDX Gloves Taekwondo T2W

by RDX Sports

Our latest Patent Pending design in Taekwondo fight gear. Handcrafted from unbreakable Maya Hide synthetic leather that is finely stitched to last you a career. A sleek cut of EVA-LUTION foam padding promises efficient shock-absorbability, breaking down aggressively charged molecules from seeping through to the hands, protecting them entirely. Wider block padding between wrist and knuckle protects the hands especially when defending head-kicks in Taekwondo. 4-way breathable stretch fabric promotes blood-flow and wicks moisture away for a hygienic, odour-free training experience while hand webbing is stitched using Lycra for comfortable hand mobility. EVA grip-hose assists with punching technique while a thin elasticated Quick-EZ strap enables convenient on/off application.


  • Maya Hide™ stubbornly combats wear tear, is long-lasting and highly durable
  • EVA-LUTION™ padding protects the knuckles to cushion against shock-impact
  • 4-way breathable stretch fabric compresses the hand, encouraging blood flow while offering moisture wicking properties
  • Thin elasticated Quick-EZ Velcro strap ensures a comfy, snug and easy fit
  • Grip hose enhances fist formation to offer better punching technique

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