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RDX Double-end Ball made from premium Maya Hide leather boasts the highest of quality with the twin textile layer on the inside providing extreme durability. It has 1.5mm for extra durability and reinforced with split seam. The portable double-end Ball is specifically designed for fighters to enhance their punching speed and boost up their accuracy while they are at it. The inflatable ball-shaped construct comes with a heavy-duty nylon strap. The V-gravity technology gives it a stable base. Moreover, it is very easy to mount on the floor and ceiling. The adjustable 48-inch rubber bungee cord grants optimum flexibility in all directions, returning the ball back despite getting hit from different acute angles. It also enables the user to adjust the bag to suit their height and reach.

   Available in several different colors, the double-end ball’s inimitable quality ensures that your hands are fortified against injuries. It allows the double-end ball to be used with bag gloves, hand wraps or even with bare hands. The ball can be used by boxers and martial artists, Muay Thai users or practitioners of any discipline that involves punching, as it hones the reflexes to the utter maximum. The double-end punch ball is widely popular for endurance training as it consolidates the body during long training sessions.   





  • Made from top notch Maya hide Leather 40.5 CM tall Double End Ball
  • Comes with Heavy-duty nylon strap & rubber bungee cord adjustable up to 48"
  • The tough Nylon strap is easy to mount and very stable
  • Rubber bungee cord calibrates the ball after receiving hits from different angles.
  • Includes four metal O-Rings and tough PVC buckle + fixings