CauliCure Advanced Compression Discs

by CauliCure
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CauliCure Advanced Compression Discs for Cauliflower Ear

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  • Repair Cauliflower Ears: compression discs and the injured area must be cleaned with alcohol prior to application and positioning. Choose the size that fits best for the anatomy of the ear tissue being treated. Place the first compression disk on the posterior or the back of the ear, and the second on the anterior or front of the ear. *Patent Pending*
  • For the Injured Ear: Immediate treatment involves icing to reduce pain and decrease swelling. Any accumulation of fluid will require aspiration by a qualified medical practitioner. Before the CauliCure appliance can be used effectively, the ear must be clear of any fluid accumulation to avoid pain or permanent cartilage damage.
  • Ear Trauma : Contact sports which include Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Mixed martial arts, Rugby and others, carry with them the “potential" for damage to the outer portion of the ear, leading to what is called an Auricular Hematoma.
  • Follow Instructions: Keep the appliance and area of injury clean at all times. After touching the disks or ear tissue, clean immediately and re-apply. The appliance must be worn at all times, and can take 4 to 7 days for proper adherence of the skin to the fibrocartilage. If a buildup of fluid is present, it must be aspirated prior to the continued use of the CauliCure system. If there is any sign of infection or moderate to severe pain, seek medical attention immediately

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