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Torque Performance MMA Gear and Athletic Apparel

Torque Sports Apparel in Canada

Mission Statement

Torque and Full Torque is the evolution of modern combat sports equipment and apparel.

It was spawned from a simple thought: How can we make equipment and apparel better?

Torque also went further and asked: How can we keep our athletes and fighters safe? With Torque and Full Torque, all products are focused on function and longevity. We design and format products to outperform and outlast your workout and training sessions, all while protecting you during your regimens. It is our passion to .ensure that athletes and fighters alike rely on Torque for innovative, cutting-edge designs, as well as safety features which encompass the philosophy that we believe in.

Who We Are

To say that TORQUE is the latest in MMA gear and apparel would be an understatement. TORQUE is a reinterpretation, a revision, and a re-engineering of combat sports equipment specifically designed for practitioners of MMA, boxing, and athletics in general. When an athlete engages in a controlled combat sports environment, they can be assured that with TORQUE they will receive the utmost in protection and performance based on design innovations specific to the sport.

Since its inception, TORQUE has made a commitment to not only protect the athletes that utilize their equipment, but also include athletes in their research and development to create a stellar product that results in peace of mind, as well as a design that offers prolonged use over other standard MMA product lines. Simply put: TORQUE has set a new standard, and fighters & athletes alike can count on TORQUE from the opening bell to the final round!

Torque Performance MMA Gear and Apparel in Canada is Takedown Distribution.