Takedown Distribution

MusclePharm Sportswear and Supplements

Takedown Distribution is a proud retailer of MusclePharm Sportswear and Supplements.

MusclePharm is not just a company of business people. We live fitness. We fully embrace the athletic style. To make sure our visions were aligned, the MP Executive Team and the MP President collaborated on a Mission Statement which is a promise to the athletes who rely on MusclePharm.

The MusclePharm Mission Statement

To develop and bring to market the most scientifically advanced, safest nutritional and sports supplementation products possible. The purpose of every MusclePharm product must be to enhance athletic performance, strength and overall personal health - all without the use of banned substances. Our team philosophy is that every product will be a formulation that we, as former professional athletes, believe in and use every day.

Takedown offers the following Musclepharm products Assault, BCAA 3:1:2, CLA Core, Creatine, Combat Crunch, Combat 100% Whey Protein, Amino1 Sport, Shred Sport